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Madison, WI
This pilot will start with approximately five publicly-owned buildings before expanding to additional ten privately-owned commercial buildings to upgrade into GEBs. Project deliverables include scalable business models for utilities bundling of aligned demand response and energy efficiency incentive programs, and turnkey installation under a single vendor and a GEB toolkit with integrated financing options to address opportunities in public and private buildings.
Illustrative Schematic of Project
Illustrative Schematic of Project
Team Lead
Slipstream Group, Inc.

Partners: Madison Gas & Electric, City of Madison, RMI, ACEEE and bluEvolution

Planned Location of Buildings: Madison, WI

Building types: Approximately 15 commercial buildings

New or retrofit buildings: Retrofit buildings

EE target: 39% total energy savings from retrocommissioning

Total load: N/A

DERs planned: rooftop PV, battery storage systems (80 kW), and EV charging infrastructure (20 units)

Flexible Loads: This project is planning continuous demand management with building automation including LED lighting retrofits with advanced controls integrated with HVAC controls (temperature and ventilation resets during unoccupied periods). Also considered is managed EV charging, batteries, and rooftop PV.

Coordinated Controls: Automated DR will be implemented through a Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS)

Grid issues addressed: N/A

Grid services planned: Continuous monthly peak reduction will be achieved from peak load shedding and shifting.

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