Connected Residential Communities with Enhanced Resiliency and both Customer and Utility Attributes

Menifee, CA
This project represents two residential communities that will integrate existing commercial technology including nested microgrids, will be all-electric and meet DOE zero energy ready homes criteria. An important goal for this project is to demonstrate reliability and resilience, cost-effectiveness, and benefits to customers and the utility from Connected Community microgrids. The planned community-scale battery will serve to support both Connected Communities in island mode to meet critical loads and also potentially provide a service to the grid during extreme weather events with up to 500 kW available to the utility. The team hopes to demonstrate a shift from natural gas end-uses to high efficiency all-electric technologies.
Illustrative Schematic of Project
Illustrative Schematic of Project
Team Lead
SunPower Corporation

Partners: KB Homes, University of California Irvine, Schneider Electric, and Southern California Edison

Planned Location of Buildings: Menifee, CA

Building types: 230+ new single-family homes

New or retrofit buildings: New residential construction

EE target: 38-57% (with shift from natural-gas end-uses like heating, hot water, cooking and drying to high-efficiency all-electric technology)

Total load: 1.0-1.2 MW peak demand for 2 communities representing 2.6 GWh electricity demand

DERs planned: rooftop PV (5-7kW each or 1.4MW total), community energy storage (CES) battery (1 MW/2 MWh), residential energy storage battery units (RESU) (6.8 kW /13 kWh per home), EV charging infrastructure (EVCI).

Flexible Loads: provision of 200-700kW of flexible loads in the form of heating ventilation and air conditioning, water heaters, EVs (including possible bidirectional flow), smart appliances (dishwashers, washer/dryer)

Grid issues addressed: variable renewable energy integration, resilience with coordinated islanding, & avoided capital investment at the grid (T&D)

Grid services planned: capacity relief from demand response, emergency load transfer capability, voltage and frequency regulation, as well as exploring possible participation in California ISO day-ahead real-time and ancillary service markets with DERs >500kW

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